Sunday, 2 January 2011

Research My Inspration

Research is key and proof of research is needed for me to attain the best grade I can get. I have two types of art books; I have first a normal sketch book, hard back, plain pages and I also have a personal type journal which is hard back with brown thin pages. I use both of these to show my research and what my inspirations are and I also show my own work to compare with my inspirations.
Greno89's page is laid out like this:
I have layered the page with text about the artist, then layering the photograph of my interpret on top and finally adding material I liked onto the page.
For my self-directed project I have focused on Fashion, but layers in Fashion.

I love Fashion Illustration although I have no confidence illustrating myself, my drawing and sketching skills are not the best, so I like to interpret them in different ways like photography and textiles.
The first fashion illustration artist I was interested in was Kathryn Elyse.
 This image by Kathryn Elyse really fit in with fashion and layers for me. The outfit is very layered with the jewelry, the belt and bag. Although I'm not exactly doing as the woman in the image is doing, I am having fun! I interpreted the outfit with the same sort of style. I then went on to actually layer and blend on Photoshop whilst still interpreting the artist.

I used tools on Photoshop to actually make the images of myself look painted, sketched or shaded.
I then put this into my personal sketch book and I laid it out like this:

The rest of my artist research page's for Kathryn Elyse look like this:

I hope I've inspired your research or inspired you to research!
Thanks to Kathryn Elyse for inspiring me.