Saturday, 1 January 2011

Where it all began...

So I'm in my last year in high school, I'm just finishing taking my GCSE's, but I have already achieved my whole GCSE grade in art in just one school year, I am now on AS-level whilst still in high school.
I'm now on my self directed project for my course and I'm loving the fact we can now use our own inspirations to work with.
I started with an artist called Greno89, I interpreted his work at first by just drawing and painting but then I got more creative I used photography.

I painted my hands different colours to show the variety of colours in Greno89's art work. I then focused on my face so it was more like a portrait as is Greno89's art work.  

After I'd taken several shots of my painted hands and face I thought it was really time to get creative with Photoshop!
I played with the colours and layers of everything I could and I loved the outcome.


My interpret of Greno89's art work.

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